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                    Position: Customer Service Specialist

                    description of job:
                    1, timely communication and marketing, sales and other related departments, visit and maintain customer, the customer order, shipping, logistics and follow-up state;
                    2, telephone orders and Internet orders, and process orders;
                    3, customers receive advice, record customer inquiries, complaint, in accordance with the appropriate procedures to give customer feedback;
                    4, can be found in time to call customer needs and opinions, timely analysis and feedback to supervisors;
                    5, share information with colleagues and supervisors, accumulate knowledge, provide the basis for process improvement.

                    job requirements:
                    1,20-30 years old, affinity, good image quality;
                    2, sweet voice, standard Mandarin, articulate, understand consumer psychology, language ability, good communication;
                    3, there are more than 1 year customer service, telemarketing and other related work experience is preferred;
                    4, good work execution, strictly in accordance with norms and procedures related to work or operations;
                    5, hard-working, patient and responsible, healthy, long-term stability of a good job, a good sense of teamwork.

                    Support Hotline:


                    Phone: +86-370-8288899
                    Fixed: +86-370-7558862
                    E-mail: andy@yuyuan.co
                    Address:Anping Town,Zhecheng City,Henan,China