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                    Cut peppers not delicate approach

                    1. Spicy peppers produce a substance referred to as capsaicin capsaicin. When cut peppers, capsaicin onto your skin, make capillaries, cause redness, fever, and accelerate local metabolic rate. At the same time, also it stimulates nerve pain, which is what we usually think of the reasons for firing hand. It is generally believed that this is the capsaicin nerve endings in the skin caused by chemical conversion.

                    2. Capsaicin was dissolved in ethanol and an aqueous alkaline solution, but insoluble in cold water. In industry, the capsaicin pepper extract is used as an edible alcohol leaching agent. Thus, according to this principle, in life, you can take the approach applied alcohol to dissolve the hands of capsaicin. After the cut peppers, use an alcohol cotton towels in one direction, and then wash your hands with water, then dry, rub three times to even the symptoms can be.

                    3. In addition, also wash their hands with a small amount of vinegar, because vinegar is acidic, and can neutralize capsaicin. If there is no medical alcohol nor vinegar, wash your hands with hot water is also good, because capsaicin will produce irritating evaporate at high temperatures, although not as alcohol and vinegar, but the effect is better than cold water.

                    4. Finally, a way to tell you, when you cut pepper, chili pressing with a finger belly, rather than nails grabbed pepper, so the hand is not easy to burned.

                    5. After scrubbing liquor, then rinse with water, not hot hand right away pain.

                    6. Rub with a little vinegar, not the delicate. Substances called spicy hot pepper base, while vinegar is acidic, and spicy base can bring discomfort.

                    7. Wear rubber gloves.

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