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                    Pepper Details

                    Capsicum is an annual herb. Leaves alternate, leaf oval. Calyx cup-shaped, white flowers. Fruit usually a conical or oblong, to have overturned or descending; immature green, mature into a dark reddish brown, bright red, yellow or purple, red is the most common. Seeds kidney-shaped, yellow, curved ovule. Pepper fruit peel containing capsaicin while due to spicy. The seasoning can increase appetite.
                    Pepper fresh seasonal adjustment is to extend the supply period, important means to improve output. Pepper more resistant to storage, and can be stored 1-3 months.
                    Usually peel thick cuticle, epidermal cell layers much more resistant to storage. Cultivation process should be more organic fertilizer, increasing phosphorus, potassium, timely pest control. 2 to 3 days before harvest should not be watered, but not in the rain or rain harvesting immediately. Harvest has been fully mature green fruit, fruit surface smooth, shiny, thick, hard flesh. Too tender fruit respiration and strong, thin flesh, after storage and easy chlorosis, wilting. During too old fruit storage easily turn red, soft flavor deterioration.
                    After harvest, remove disease, insect damaged fruit. At the same time, picking, fruit selection, packaging, transport process, to gently, to prevent mechanical injury. Postharvest pad of paper into the basket, pre-cooling in a cool place for one day to be the fruit of the temperature decreases, the fruit surface cools, dries for storage.
                    Green pepper optimal storage temperature of 7 ~ 9 ℃, less than 6 ℃ vulnerable to cold damage, relative humidity of 85% to 90%, and gas composition of 2% to 4%, less than 4% of carbon dioxide. Pepper can be used fresh cold artificial atmosphere storage. During storage to prevent dry rot chili, soft rot, various modifications spots, swelling or tissue necrosis, rough surface, as well as poisoning, deterioration, cold damage and the like.

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