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                    Pepper nutritional value and use

                    Pepper now can be said of a food on the table is essential, and people love chili has gone beyond the level of food, chili for each of us, too familiar, but we all know its nutritional value it ?
                    Green peppers are generally eaten as a vegetable, and red peppers are a favorite seasonings, and some people are not even peppers, then it is tasteless. Here's what it said nutrients, pepper is rich in vitamin C, can control heart disease and coronary artery disease, lower cholesterol, contain more antioxidants can prevent cancer and other chronic diseases, can make the airway open , as well as recuperation effect, you can treat coughs and colds.
                    If you have no appetite, eating less, you can put some pepper in the dish, so that you can improve appetite.
                    Pepper for our health is also very important, at least let us eat incense.
                    Pepper Magical: range hoods have windows that open. Although the range hood can take away the soot, but it does not take away the exhaust gases produced during the combustion of gas, this gas greater harm on the human body.
                    Furniture snake, painted at the end point of pepper. Termites wood furniture can be jalapeno or pepper pounded the end, stuffed moth holes, then apply paraffin oil, for 10 consecutive days to de-worming.
                    Wet toilet easily fungal growth, reproduction, induced respiratory disease. Therefore, you should put a wet mop to dry and then into the bathroom; to maintain the smooth flow of sewage; while often open exhaust fan to circulate the air in the bathroom.
                    Shower room, fully tempered glass safest use of semi-tempered glass or bent glass, with hot water in the winter or summer with cold water, it may burst, toughened safety is high.

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