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                    Paprika production and storage

                    Paprika red or red and yellow, oily and uniform powder is made by grinding a mixture of fine red pepper, yellow pepper, chili pepper seeds and some bars with spicy chili inherent flavor, smell the pungent sneezing. Authentic mortar should be used to trace out, can also be directly dried chili in the sun, prolonged sun exposure, or simmer in the pot pounded powder drying.
                        Chili powder production methods: 1 dried chili cut into small pieces to cut a good chili pepper and stir together cinnamon and cumin to the chili crispy
                        2. fried raw material will cool and then placed in a cup and add a little sesame grinding together pulverized.
                        3. lapped pepper and let cool thoroughly later sealed bags to save or easily degenerate resurgence
                        4. pepper can be used for cooking Oujia mostly to do with it chili oil (hot oil poured on top and mix well)
                        5. know if you are generally straight, ground chili actually still contains a small amount of moisture after frying chili powder can not easily ground to extend shelf life, and it will be more fragrant.

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