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                    How to promote the production of pepper

                    How to promote pepper production this problem, our experts answer accordingly, chili peppers pruning can promote the production of pepper prune to high temperature in summer seasons is appropriate, usually in late July to mid-August on conduct . At this time the first fruit crop has finished picking plants in the DIF is not the case in the rest sticks stage, so prune after stimulation effect best.
                    Pruning should be a reasonable part of the four big branches. A chili generally have four large branches, when entering the hot season, four large branches spread birth 8 collateral, then leafy influence of air and light, resulting in not only the fruit is small and easy to swap fruit, rotten fruit, but also induce various diseases. Even lower yields, but also so that the quality deteriorated. As promptly cut the eight collateral, it makes fertility concentrated in four large branches, ventilation between strains is improved, reducing the incidence of disease, prompting more chili result, knot large fruit.
                    In fairly sharp pruners pruning, notches should be smooth to prevent notches incurred pests or disease induced. When pruning, cut smoothly serious pest damage branches, preliminary results of excessive drooping branches and mismanagement of broken branches. Cut branches should together with the park outside the process, especially worms branch but can not stay in the park.
                    Per acre topdressing urea 5 ~ 7.5 kg, promote growth and results. In case of drought, should be combined with dressing timely watering, can also be foliar spraying, spray once every seven days or so, and even spray 2 or 3 times per acre urea 250 g, 150 g of potassium dihydrogen phosphate in water 75 kg evenly spraying after dilution. Spraying the best choice for cloudy or sunny in the evening. In addition, the timely removal of weeds and prune still strengthen pest control.

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