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                    Pepper harvest time

                    Pepper is a material we will eat throughout the year, the results can be continuously repeatedly pepper harvest a vegetable. Fruit, old fruit is edible, chili harvest time is not critical, generally flower withers after twenty to twenty-five days can be harvested, but in order to increase production, in favor of the top results and fruit enlargement should timely picking, the first and second layer of fruit should be harvested early, so as not to fall seeding, affect the formation of the upper layer of fruit development and production. Other layers of fruit should be sufficient "to color" after the harvest, that the wrinkled rind turn flat, while turn color from deep and shallow smooth and shiny harvest. Harvest generally peak every 3 to 5 days harvest 1. With red fruits as fresh vegetables to eat, should be in service three red ripe fruit after harvest. Chili Pepper To be completely red ripe fruit after harvest.
                    Harvesting should be carried out in the sunny morning. Noon more water evaporation, easy to fall off the stalk, easy to hurt the plant at harvest and the fruit surface due to excessive water loss and collapse easily. Rainy Day should not be harvested after picking wound healing, germs cause disease easily penetrated from the wound.

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