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                    Summer eating chili can prevent heat stroke

                    Summer people should be properly eat some staple foods and high-calorie food intake for the fluid and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables can help you fight high temperatures.
                        Red pepper heatstroke effect: a hot day to eat chili, it sounds like a crazy idea, but rich in vitamin C and capsaicin peppers can effectively promote the sweat emissions and help toxins from the body, play a role in cooling, prevent heatstroke happen.
                    Sunscreen can eat melon: Nothing is more representative than cantaloupe summer, and it is three times the potassium content of watermelon. Cantaloupe orange flesh from carotene, a powerful antioxidant that can help you resist ultraviolet radiation, help maintain healthy skin, eat twelve cantaloupe every day, to have a great summer skin care benefit.
                    Tomatoes can be anti-inflammatory: Summer likely to have some of the symptoms of inflammation, and sweet and delicious tomato-rich material and ingredients similar to aspirin, so eat a little inflammation may play a role, but also effectively reduce the damage caused by sunburn.

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