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                    The origin of chili

                    Pepper was originally grown in tropical regions of South America. European colonialism after reaching the Americas, pepper lead into Europe in 1493, approximately 1583 --1598 was introduced into Japan, introduced to China's no specific records, but more recognized China's earliest records on the chili is the Ming Gao Lian essays, "Zun-Sheng Ba Jian" (1591), are: "chili profusion of white flowers, like fruit majestic bald tip, spicy red, very impressive," the description. According to records, generally it believed that chili is the Ming Dynasty was introduced into China.
                    Pepper came to China there are two paths, one statement Far Eastern Silk Road, into Xinjiang, Gansu, Shaanxi and other places from the West, the first in the Northwest cultivation; First, through the Malacca Strait into the South China, in southern Yunnan, Guangxi and Hunan and other cultivation, and then gradually extended to the nation, and now almost no blank areas of the chili.

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